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Level 1 PASA Kiteboarder

The kiteboarder exhibits the following skills:

  1. Determine wind direction, speed and quality to assess safety.
  2. Understand the requirements for a good launch area.
  3. Understand the rules of the road with other kiters.
  4. Set-up equipment independently and safely and perform a pre-flight check.
  5. Use and reset all safety features on the equipment.
  6. Use of kite harness.
  7. Perform self-rescue techniques to disarm the kite and get to shore with gear.
  8. Perform a safe launching and landing of the kite.
  9. Execute kite water relaunches.
  10. Body Dragging in control of direction.


  1. All of the skills listed in the criteria for Level 1 Kiteboarder.
  2. Meteorology knowledge for risk management decisions.
  3. Perform water start on the board and maintain control of kite and board solo.
  4. Control their speed with advanced kite and board handling.
  5. Work the board and kite in harmony for extended rides.
  6. Can perform basic turns and transitions.


All the skills of Kiteboarder Level 1 and 2 as well as the following skills:

  1. Using Trim Strap and Loop to adjust 4-line kite power intake.
  2. Consistently going upwind.
  3. Perform advanced turns and transitions under power.
  4. Maintain control in most wind conditions.
  5. Perform simple jumps

Assateague Kites provides Kitesurfing lessons for all skill levels.  Learn to fly a two line trainer kite,
 take your first lesson on an inflatable leading edge power kite, or work on your transitions and jumps.
 Our instructors are PASA certified and use appropriate safety equipment.
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